VIP Crowd for Lead Engagement

VIP Crowd makes it easy and fun to engage your top prospects, educate them on your solutions, and speed up your sales pipeline.

Move Leads Through the Funnel Faster

Creating a successful lead nurturing campaign without bombarding your prospects with emails can be difficult. VIP Crowd is a great way to complement your existing lead nurturing program – by motivating and rewarding your prospects for learning about your products and services.

How It Works

Step 1

Invite Your Prospects

Stay top of mind with your prospects by inviting them to VIP Crowd. Let them know they can earn rewards for learning more about your company’s products and services and for providing feedback.

Step 2

Post Challenges

Post short challenges for prospects to complete. Challenges are quick activities such as, scheduling a demo, reading your latest case study, attending a webinar, or providing feedback.

Step 3

Reward Participation

For each completed challenge, your prospects will earn an entry into VIP Crowd’s weekly Loneliest Number game where they can win prizes for themselves and their favorite charities. You can also award bonus points which can be redeemed for gift cards, donations to charity, and fun tech products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create challenges?

Once you create your account, you can post challenges to the VIPs you’ve invited. If you’ve ever posted on Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll have no problem posting challenges on VIP Crowd.

Who sees my challenges?

Your challenges are only ever shared with the VIPs you invite to VIP Crowd. You can also filter your VIPs and share certain challenges with only specific groups.

How much time does it take to manage?

If you have 5-15 minutes per week, you can easily manage your VIP Crowd account. You can post as many challenges as you want, but even posting one challenge per week has proven very effective.

How does the weekly Loneliest Number game work?

For every completed challenge, VIPs earn an entry into our weekly Loneliest Number game to win a prize such as an Apple Watch plus $100 towards their favorite charity. To play, VIPs pick a number for each entry they have. The lowest number that only one person guesses is the winner. We host the Loneliest Number every week to make sure that your VIPs come back and complete your challenges regularly.

Do I have to add bonus points to a challenge?

No, you can make challenges worth 0 points. VIPs who complete zero point challenges will still earn an entry into our weekly Loneliest Number game. Prizes for Loneliest Number are paid out by VIP Crowd.

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