VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub Wins HR Software 2018 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards from FinancesOnline Directory


FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing business app discovery platforms, awarded VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub with the 2018 Rising Star award as well as the 2018 Great User Experience award.

As stated by FinancesOnline’s team in their VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub features review, “With VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub, companies find it easy to connect with their employees and convert them into brand ambassadors via training, advocacy, feedback, and recruiting.”

FinancesOnline went on to recommend VIP Crowd as one of the best HR software for small business for its unique approach to employee engagement.

“With VIP Crowd Employee Engagement Hub, your HR professionals can easily post activities or “challenges” that motivate your employees to participate, provide feedback, become advocates for your brand, and play for recognition. In return, your employees score points which they can redeem for rewards. Other gamification methods such as leaderboards, weekly games, and streaks have proven to be highly effective in keeping employee engagement high, resulting in optimized productivity and efficiency at all levels.”

According to FinancesOnline, companies who use VIP Crowd’s Employee Engagement hub find their employees:

  • Refer more friends for job openings
  • Complete more online company reviews (i.e., Glassdoor)
  • Provide more feedback about how the company can improve and grow
  • Recognize more co-workers for their efforts
  • Share more company content on social media

We are honored to receive these two awards under the HR analysis, but more importantly, we’re happy to again have the confirmation that we are helping our customers boost employee engagement within their organizations.

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