A Simple Slack Channel Which Helps Our Remote Team


We’re 100% remote at VIP Crowd. It has some challenges but definitely more positives than negatives. I’m sure I’ll write more detailed posts on all of the tools we use in the future. If you want a full guide from the remote experts, check out Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Remote Work.

For this post, I want to focus on one simple channel we use in Slack. We call it our 2minutedailyupdate.

The 2 Minute Daily Update

The point of the 2minutedailyupdate for every team member to post once a day something interesting that they are working on. If it takes you more than two minutes to write it, you’re doing it wrong. We want/need to keep this channel clean.

If you want to comment or ask a question about another team member’s post, use Slack’s threads. Again, this keeps the channel clean.

Some of our team members post once at the beginning of the day what they want to accomplish and once at the end of the day what they did accomplish. Others (most) post just once a day of what they’re working on and how it’s going.

We conduct a full team meeting every Monday morning. Then, throughout the week all communication is done through traditional Slack channels and calls as needed. Thanks to this 2minutedailyupdate channel, we have no need for the dreaded “daily stand up meeting.”

I stole the idea from Jason Fried at Basecamp, author of Remote: Office Not Required. All of his books and most of his blog posts are great, but it was “Status meetings are the scourge” in October of 2016 that caught my eye on the written daily updates rather than stand up meetings. Give it a read. It’s worth your time.

Easy Way to Stay Updated

We’ve been doing the 2minutedailyupdate channel for all of 2017. I think it works out great. Not only do we avoid unnecessary meetings, but it’s great when people come back from vacation or maternity leave.

Rather than having to scroll through the large amounts of text in most Slack channels, someone coming back from leave can simply read through the daily posts. If they’re gone for two weeks, they can easily be caught up after reading that channel for 10 minutes.

That’s one of the little things that works for us. I’m curious to get thoughts on if it’d work for your team. Whether you’re remote or not, I think it’s a good practice to get into and a good time saver for everyone.

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