The Key to Employee Engagement: Help Employees Find a Sense of Purpose


Today’s employee environment has changed.

Not only has technology transformed the way work gets done, but it has drastically changed the expectations employees have for their employer. Gone are the days of finding satisfaction working in a cubicle from 9-5, obtaining feedback from an annual review, and settling into a job for the sake of loyalty.

70% of the American workforce is not engaged at work (Gallup).

What does this mean? Companies are failing their employees, so their employees are failing them.

The Cost of Disengaged Employees

Many companies have failed to adapt to the expectations and desires of the modern workforce leading to disengaged employees, high turnover, and difficulties recruiting top talent. Employees know they can find the purposeful work, along with flexibility, transparency, and the culture they crave elsewhere – and they have no hesitation looking for it, and looking again.

Gallup estimates the loss of productivity due to the actively disengaged people in America was around $550 billion per year.

How can companies keep their employees happy, engaged, and staying at the company?

The Key to Employee Engagement: Give Employees a Sense of Purpose

The key to keeping employees happy and engaged is by giving them a sense of purpose and helping them find meaning in their work. Today’s modern workforce doesn’t just want to work for a paycheck. They want to know their work is meaningful to their department, the organization as a whole, and their community.

Having a cool office with a keg and ping pong table might help companies attract talent, but a sense of purpose is what’s going to keep your employees engaged and invested in your company.

How is your leadership team helping employees find a sense of purpose at work?

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