12 Quick FAQs About VIP Crowd’s Loneliest Number


1. What is the Loneliest Number?

The Loneliest Number is a game you can play by downloading the VIP Crowd mobile app or by creating a free VIP Crowd account online. You try to guess the lowest number that nobody else guesses. For example, if six people guess 1, four people guess 2, zero people guess 3, and I’m the only one that guesses 4, I win.

2. What are the prizes?

Each week VIP Crowd gives away something different. It might be a gift card, a tech product, or something else fun. Plus, the winner always gets $100 donation to their charity of choice.

3. How do you earn guesses?

VIP Crowd and other approved people (or businesses) post short challenges. These might be poll questions, asking you to share an article on social media, or general feedback questions. For every challenge you complete, you get a guess.

4. How many guesses can you make?

You can make up to 10 guesses per week.

5. Does it cost anything to play?

No, it is free for VIPs.

6. What is a VIP?

A VIP is any user of VIP Crowd who is completing challenges. These are typically employees or clients of sponsors.

7. What are Sponsors?

Sponsors can be any business or professional who wants to post challenges and engage with their approved VIPs (i.e., employees, clients, network, etc.)

8. How do you follow more people/companies (to get more guesses)?

Any company or person can create a sponsor account on VIP Crowd. They then decide who they invite to follow them (VIPs). Once you are invited to follow them, you’ll see their challenges. You can also earn more guesses (and bonus points) for referring people to become sponsors. A good focus area is professional service providers (your bankers, insurance agents, realtors, etc) and small business owners.

9. How many challenges can sponsors post?

There are two types of accounts. For the Starter version, sponsors are limited to one challenge per week. For the Premium version, they can post as many as they want.

10. Is there a minimum number of challenges sponsors must post?

No, they can go a few weeks without posting anything if they want. Although we do recommend doing one per week as it keeps them top-of-mind and takes only a couple minutes each week. Even if sponsors don’t post challenges, VIP Crowd posts challenges every week so VIPs can earn guesses towards the Loneliest Number.

11. What are bonus points?

In addition to the weekly prizes that VIP Crowd gives out, sponsors can also add bonus points to challenges. These are like credit card points except instead of earning them by spending money, you earn them for completing challenges. The points can then be redeemed for things like gift cards, donations to charity, and other rewards.

12. How does this help with referrals?

There’s also a special section where VIPs earn bonus points for submitting referrals to the sponsors. Because the sponsor is consistently staying top-of-mind, there are more opportunities to receive referrals than a traditional referral program.

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