12 Ways to Engage Employee Advocates


Employees are some of your company’s greatest brand advocates.

Employee advocates can drive big results:

  • Increase website traffic by 5x and generate 25% more leads (Inc)
  • Increase content engagement by 700x and brand awareness by as much as 24x (Inc)
  • 64% of advocates in a formal program credited employee advocacy with attracting and developing new business (LinkedIn)

B2B companies are now creating advocacy programs to help drive ongoing employee advocate engagement. Employee advocacy programs are a fun way to engage employees and reward them for their hard work and brand advocacy.

Many companies are now using VIP Crowd to boost employee engagement in their organizations. Here are some fun ways companies are engaging with employees and driving more advocacy.

12 Employee Challenges for Your Advocacy Program

  1. Encourage Employee Wellness
    Share a wellness article with your employees to increase their health and happiness in the office. For example, lunchtime walks boost employees’ moods and help them deal with stress. Why not encourage your employees to take a lunchtime stroll?
  2. Update LinkedIn Profile
    Chances are the majority of your employees are on LinkedIn which means they are representing your company. Share some LinkedIn tips and having them clean up their own profiles.
  3. Boost Thought Leadership
    Encourage employees to share industry news with their social networks. You can even offer them 3-4 resources for finding relevant content to share.
  4. Celebrate Milestones
    Is someone in the office about to become a first-time parent? Have your employees share their best advice for first-time parents.
  5. Go Green
    Challenge employees to go green by not printing for a week or riding their bike to work. Every little bit helps!
  6. Share Company News
    Releasing a new product or have some major company news? Have employees share your press release or news brief with their social networks to get the word out.
  7. Make It Facebook Official
    Encourage your employees to follow your company on social media. Staying up-to-date on company social posts help them know what’s being shared with your customers.
  8. Acknowledge & Celebrate Innovation
    Challenge employees to nominate their co-workers when they find an innovative solution to a challenge at work. Award points to both the nominator and the nominee.
  9. Capture Company Culture
    Have a fun annual event coming up? Or maybe just want to capture your company culture around the office? Encourage employees to snap pictures that tell the story about your company’s culture and have them share it on social media under a dedicated hashtag.
  10. Preview the New Release
    When you have a new solution, feature, or service being released, put together a small training video or presentation for your employees to watch.
  11. Capture Employee Suggestions
    Move your suggestion box to your advocacy program. Award points when employees make suggestions on how the workplace can be improved, and even offer bonus points if their idea is implemented.
  12. Work Better Together
    Challenge employees to take a DISC assessment to help them better understand their personalities and the personalities of their co-workers.

How does your company encourage employee advocacy?

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